The passion continues today.

Layed Back Leather was started more than 20 years ago with a passion for fashion. Sourcing Leather products from as far afield as Turkey and as near as Toti. 

To provide top-class, stylish leather goods which are iconic in form and promise a life time of wear! Layed back is best known for its Leather bags, belts, purses and sheepskin slippers. Over the years it has become much more.
In addition to leather goods, the flagship shop in Hillcrest carries the Just Cruizin clothing line as well as accessories, jewellery, soaps and other luxury goods. Layed Back opened up a branch at Ushaka 12 years ago and now has 2 shops at Ushaka. The original Layed back and then the Just Cruizin shop . Layed Back has an old world charm despite its modern and fashionable merchandise. It invites the customer to linger and touch. This is not a hands-off environment. All the senses are delighted. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and anticipating their needs.